Rust Avenue Medical Centre belongs to the Onshore Panel Physician Network for completing Immigration New Zealand medical examinations. 

Fees For Immigration Medicals

(excluding blood test and chest X-ray fees)

Adults (15-69 years) $195.00

Seniors (70 and over) $250.00

Children (15 years and under) $125.00

Limited Medical $175.00

Please note there are additional charges for the blood tests and the X-ray if these are required. Blood tests are available at Northern Pathology, located at 11 Rust Avenue, Whangarei. X-ray services are available at TRG Imaging  34-48 Reyburn Street, Whangarei.

Things You Need To Know Before Attending Your Appointment

Type of medical certificate or examination

You will need to know what type of medical certificate (or examination) you are required to complete (ie. a General Medical Certificate also known as a 501 Medical Examination in eMedical, a Chest X-Ray Certificate also known as a 502 Chest X-Ray Examination in eMedical, and/or a Limited Medical Certificate also known as a 512 Limited Medical Examination in eMedical).

Visa Category

You will need to know what type of Visa Category you will be applying under in order for clinic staff to record this information – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  If you do not know which Visa Category you are applying for you will need to clarify this before your appointment.  To obtain this information contact Immigration New Zealand on 0508 558 855.

You will need to select from the following list:

  • Visitor (other than family visitor)
  • Student (other than dependent child)
  • Work/Skills – Please note, if you choose this option you need to select one of the following:
    • Temporary employment supported
    • Resident
    • Work to residence
    • Working holiday scheme
    • Job search
    • Business/Investor
    • Temporary – other (specify)
  • Family – Please note if you choose this option, you need to select one of the following:
    • Partner (visitor/work/resident visa)
    • Child (visitor/student/resident visa)
    • Parent/Grandparent multiple entry (visitor visa)
    • Family parent (resident visa)
    • Parent retirement (visitor/resident visa)
    • Guardian (visitor visa)
  • Humanitarian – Please note if you choose this option, you need to select one of the following:
    • Refugee
    • UNHCR
    • Other (specify)
  • Pacific Residence – Please note if you choose this option, you need to select one of the following:
    • Samoa
    • Tonga
    • Kiribati
    • Tuvalu
    • Other (specify)

Confirmation of Completion of Your Health Examination

Clinic staff will ask you whether you wish to receive an automated email confirming that your health examination (your health case) has been completed and submitted to Immigration New Zealand. If so, you will need to provide a personal email address for this purpose.

eMedical Information Sheet

Your medical history and health examination results will be recorded in eMedical. You will receive an information sheet from our clinic confirming your examination details. The eMedical information sheet will include an Immigration New Zealand reference number (NZER) which you should give to Immigration New Zealand when you submit your visa application. This enables your health case to be associated with your visa application.

Additional Test With Reports

If a significant health condition is identified during your health examination, the doctor may refer you for additional tests or reports. There may be an additional charge for this.

What Do I Bring?

  • your valid passport or national identity document for identification;
  • a list of all your medications (including drug name and dosage);
  • copies of any specialist reports pertaining to your health;
  • your glasses (spectacles) or contact lenses if you use them;
  • you may bring a family member or support person with you to the immigration medical examination. Please let the doctor know when you make your appointment;
  • you may bring an interpreter with you to the immigration medical examination. The interpreter can be from a professional service or a respected member of your community. Please let the doctor know when you make your appointment. Alternatively we can provide an interpretation service free of charge.

What Happens Afterwards?

Your doctor has to wait for all your test results to complete the medical. If all the test results are normal then the medical will be submitted to Immigration New Zealand. If requested, an email can be sent to you at this time. If any results are abnormal, your physician may ask you to come back in for further tests. There may be additional charges.

For any additional information about immigration to New Zealand or the immigration medical process, please click here

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