How It Works

Less Time In Waiting Rooms

1. Sign Up

It’s free to sign up with Rust Ave Medical Centre.

2. Book Appointment

Your first appointment with Rust Ave Medical Centre needs to be in person. After that you can choose to see a doctor in person or via a secure video link. Choose the time and follow the prompts. You will be asked what your symptoms are and how long you’ve had them.

3. Payment

Once you’ve confirmed your appointment, you will pay by internet banking or credit card. Both methods are secure.

4. Video Link

If you have chosen a video consultation, a link will be sent to your email address. Just before your appointment time, click on the link. Your doctor will then activate the link and your consultation will begin.

5. Patient Portal

At the end of your appointment, you will be able to view your notes, test results, and anything else related to your consultation via your secure Health365 login. You can order repeat prescriptions through Health365 for $15.

6. Prescriptions

Your prescription can be faxed to a pharmacy of your choice to be filled.

What is Telehealth?

Virtual Doctors Consultations Explained

Rust Ave Medical Centre is powered by Doc Online.

Telehealth uses technology to provide healthcare. A virtual doctor’s consultation is a video conference between you and your doctor, using your hand-held device or computer.

The future of medical care is here

Doc Online uses secure video which meets the high standard of security required for a health consultation.  You can test your internet strength prior to confirming your consultation using our simple internet variable bar. This will indicate if the video image will be adequate for a medical consultation.



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